Youtube Kids Apk for Android Free Download

Youtube Kids Apk for Android is the best entertainment application, which is specially designed for kids. Youtube Kids Apk has lots of contents to entertain the kids. Youtube Kids app is developed by Google, which used by a wide range of people all over the world. The Youtube Kids Apk lets the kids search for the funny videos, songs and also the television programs of their interest. In the development of the application, Google spent the maximum of its time in presenting a safer use for the kids. If anyone finds the video content that should reach the children, it will be flagged instantly so that the team can know of it in no time. The application provides the kids with everything they need to know.

Youtube Kids Apk is an excellent application. Unfortunately, it is not available for all the countries, and It can be used by the children living in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. The app interface is designed much simple regarding the convenience of the kids. Download Youtube Kids Apk Free. Any kid can operate the application without any hassle.

Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk

Youtube Kids for Android is designed uniquely for the children, and they will enjoy using the application. To make the search easy the videos in the description are divided into four sub-categories. The four main categories include Shows, Explore, Music, and Learn. It has a class of videos based on the category. So the children will love watching the video based on the type. Children can relish their favourite videos and also the cartoon series like Tom and Jerry, Thomas, Talking Tom, and the Friends and many other programs. The vast quantity of videos never lets the kids going bored. It always holds the kid entertained and also learn something.

Specifications of Youtube Kids Apk for Android

The key specifications of Youtube Kids for Android are  here

Software Name: Youtube Kids
Software Author Name: Google Inc.
: Latest version 3.14.1
License: Freeware
Software Categories: Music & Video
Supporting Operating Systems
: Android
Languages: Multiple languages
File size: 52.1MB

Youtube Kids – How it Works on Android?

Youtube Kids Apk has a broad variety of songs and rhymes that help the children to learn more. The app interface has a set of features in which you can switch on or off the features as you wish. Each parent is different from others, So this feature is essential for keeping the favourite content all the time. The significant feature of the Youtube Kids is the settings of the app are available only where the grownups can reach So that the children cannot change them later on, This gives excellent security and control over the data accessed through the Youtube.

Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk

Youtube Kids Apk Free Download app settings enable you to filter the data which are not suggested for the children So that you can restrict your child from viewing the unwanted contents and let them know what they need to. The Youtube Kids is available for almost all the devices over the multiple platforms, which includes Android, Windows, iOS, Mac etc., With this app, the children may not find any video files irrelevant to them. The application is compatible with almost all version of Android OS, which gives you the high flexibility to switch over to the different devices.

Youtube Kids Apk for Android Mobile – Features

The following feature expresses the functions of Youtube Kids Apk in a better way in a shorter manner but much more efficiently. The users are advised to take a look into that before proceeding further.

Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk

Kid Profiles: Youtube Kids Android allows you to create up to eight kid profiles, with their viewing preferences, settings and video recommendations,

Blocking: You can prevent the videos or channels that you don’t want your kids to view.

Video Reporting: The video reporting feature of the application alerts the parents immediately by reporting the videos which shouldn’t be in the application.

Search Control: It has the dedicated search option in which you can toggle that on or off for controlling the search volume of the videos.

Personalization: The app interface provides you with an option to personalise the application and its contents in the dedicate personalisation window.

Timer: The application allows you to set the time limit for how long your kid can watch the content or use the app.

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Procedure to Download and Install Youtube Kids for Android

Since Youtube Kids is available on Google Play Store, you can install this app within a few minutes.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app.
  2. Search for Youtube Kids App on the search bar.
  3. From the search results, select the official Youtube Kids app.
  4. Click Install to start the installation process.
  5. Within a few minutes, the application will be installed on your Android device.
  6. Now click Open to launch the Youtube Kids App.

Youtube Kids Apk For Android – Screenshots

Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk
Youtube Kids Apk

Summary of Youtube Kids

Youtube Kids Apk Download is one of the best entertainings and also learning application for kids and The application designed for the convenient of the kids. The option in the app is child-friendly, in which any kid can access the application without any difficulties. The Youtube kids are highly adaptable. You can examine the application for what your child has to know and get rid of the unnecessary contents. Youtube Kids is the highly recommended application for kids to let them entertain and learn through the video contents.

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