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YouTube Apk For Android: Everyone loves to see what the world is looking for – from the most up to date music videos to what’s trending in gaming, leisure, information, and extra. To know more about the information’s using our Android mobile we need a YouTube Apk. With YouTube Apk anyone can join channels you like, the proportion of friends, and watch on any device. With a brand new design, you could have fun exploring movies you love greater without problems and quickly than before. Simply touch an icon or swipe to switch among promoted motion pictures, your subscriptions, or your account. You could additionally join your favourite channels, create playlists, edit and add motion pictures, explicit yourself with comments or shares, Post a video to your television, and much beyond we expect – all from within the Apk.

YouTube Apk For Android

YouTube is the legit Apk of the major and most famous video hosting internet site in the world, Collections to more number nearly millions and thousands and thousands of films, wherein loads of millions of recent videos are uploaded each day.

YouTube Apk For Android

From the legit Apk, you could quickly access all the daily featured motion pictures, as well as quickly look for motion pictures that interest you; all while using an interface that flawlessly adapted for touchscreens, which also includes brought shortcuts implemented via using simple movements of your fingertips.

One of the extreme attractive functions of the YouTube Apk is that it lets you play videos within the history. Meaning that you can pay attention to a tune, for example, while doing something else for your tool. Plus, you could close out of any video by using truly swiping your finger throughout the display. Different exciting features of the authentic Apk from YouTube are that you may transfer videos from your Android Mobiles to your TV through a Chromecast tool, and you can even entire voice searches directly from the YouTube Apk.

YouTube for Android is an exceptionally useful Apk for all people who ever watch YouTube movies as it is an awful lot extra handy to get entry to the Apk than the browser. YouTube is an Apk that supported by practically any Android device personals. Until now, most effective YouTube had more than 1,000 subscribers may want to broadcast real-time movies. Plus, this quantity improved to ten thousand along in case you had been monetizing your channel. Happily, they have got subsidised down on that and from now on any consumer can do life proclaims without regulations at the number of followers.

Specifications of YouTube Apk For Android

The key specifications of YouTube for Android are  here

Software Name: YouTube
Software Author Name: Google Inc.
: Latest version 12.44.53
License: Freeware
Supporting Operating Systems
: Android
Languages: Multiple languages
File size: 23.52MB

YouTube Apk For Android – How it functions inside Android Mobile

YouTube Apk makes it easy to watch motion pictures for your Android Mobiles with the help of Mobile data. The user interface is intelligently designed to offer all the awesome features of YouTube without sacrificing screen area. The YouTube need the authorization to view some of the videos. To offer a much less strict alternative, they’ve rolled out the brand new constrained Mode, which robotically hides content material based on person Appropriateness rankings.

YouTube provides quick rewind and speedy-forward gestures in state-of-the-art Apk update. Transferring freely via YouTube motion pictures on its telephone Apk can be less difficult, to be sincere. While an option was brought in the past will let you select a genuine location inside the video, it does not usually function that nicely. Fortunately, the latest Apk replace has stored us negative users in mind and brought gesture controls to without problems rapid-forward or rewind through the clip.

YouTube Apk For Android

This new feature lets you move via any video speedy and without problems. You bypass ahead 10 seconds in the clip in case you simply touch two times on the right facet of the screen, and back up 10 seconds if you do the identical on the left. Speedy and smooth for all of us in the own family. The brand new gestures can be used every time not one of the playback buttons seems to your display. Tap three times to transport 20 seconds and four instances to transport 30 seconds ahead or again. Always in increments of 10 seconds based totally on the quantity instances your faucet.

YouTube Apk For Android

You can easily view YouTube films in portrait mode while sorting out info, associated videos, and remarks at the same time. You could get admission to extra sharing alternatives without delay while looking the video. It is also possible to view pictures filmed vertically in the complete-display screen with this orientation. It is done simply by rotating your mobile to landscape mode, and YouTube will mechanically resize the film to the full-display screen, and put off the rest of the web page factors. The player controls are stored perfectly easy. In reality, all you need to do is contact the screen to pause and slide your finger along the timeline to fast ahead and rewind.

Navigating motion pictures is also intuitive, with superb features to be had that will help you locate what you are searching out – consisting of encouraged movies, favourite channels, and subscriptions, all only some taps away. The playlist alternative permits you to create custom feeds, a dedicated tune homepage surfaces track motion pictures based on your history, and YouTube blend will create a custom playlist for you primarily based on your preferred tracks. Any movies bought through Google are available in a separate tab.

The YouTube Apk for Android makes it very clean that allows you to quickly grasp and upload movies to YouTube out of your smartphone. All you do is hit the video camera button, report your photos, then the Apk will add it to your YouTube channel inside the historical past. You can additionally choose present movies to upload out of your SD card. If your video isn’t always perfect, then the YouTube Apk additionally gives some in-Apk editing equipment. In case you want to manage your channel on the cross extra intently, you can additionally now reply to and delete feedback from the Apk.

YouTube Apk For Android

Download YouTube Apk here

Features of YouTube Apk For Android

This features will make you the better understanding of this app than before. So you are informed not to skip this section. Because it will give the clear idea of using this Apk further.

1. YouTube Apk is available for free of cost.

2. The simple and easy process to download and use it on our mobile.

YouTube Apk For Android

3. Single roof for the collection of all the entertainments.

4. Categorized video and audio collections to fulfil our searches.

5. Possibility to view and access the videos both online and offline.

YouTube Apk For Android

6. Simple and quick navigation between alternate videos.

7. The inbuilt player plays all kinds of motion videos reluctantly.

YouTube Apk For Android

8. Options to select and view the screen resolution based on our mobile supports.

9. We can create our composition and share it with the media to showcase our talents.

10. Everything available in videos so makes it easier to understand.

YouTube Apk For Android

11. Anybody can earn money with the help of their YouTube channels under some circumstances.

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Previous Versions of YouTube Apk for Android

The Previous versions of YouTube Apk for Android are listed below

  • Youtube FreeV12.44.53 23.52MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.43.52 28.27MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.41.55 23.9MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.41.53 27.94MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.40.60 24.06MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.39.55 23.07MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.39.55 27.15MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.37.59 23.66MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.37.56 24.05MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.37.55 24.05MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.36.56 23.2MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.36.56 23.94MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.34.55 23.06MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.34.54 27.44MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.32.60 22.72MB
  • Youtube FreeV12.32.60 23.29MB

Steps to download and install YouTube Apk for Android

Since YouTube is available on Google Play Store, you can install this app within a few minutes.

YouTube Apk For Android

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store app.

Step 2: Search for YouTube App on the search bar.

YouTube Apk For Android

Step 3: From the search results, select the official YouTube app.

Step 4: Click Install to start the installation process.

YouTube Apk For Android

Step 5: Within a few minutes, the application will be installed on your Android device.

Step 6: Now click Open to launch the YouTube App and watch all your favourite videos on your device.

YouTube Apk For Android

Search and enjoy the function offered by YouTube for your mobile.


YouTube is an excellent Apk maintained by the Google Gapps. This Apk will provide you all your entertainment searches in simplest manner. Hope this article will help you in a better way to understand the functions and features of the YouTube Apk. Stay with us for getting further updates about the product downloads and features. In case any discrepancy over the access and implementations kindly let us know to help you in a better way. Keep on sharing this YouTube Apk file with your friends, and others let them reach the persons who are new to the Android environments. Thanks for all your support and interest towards our site. If you need any other tool for your Android mobile just visit to reach the destination of all your needs.

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