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Viber Apk for Android is one best social networking chat application with which you can communicate with people from all over the world. Viber Android app is used by millions of people to converse with people as it makes use of the internet connection. It is quite hard to imagine how long-distance communication would have been made so simple if there aren’t any instant messenger apps like Viber. There are lots of development took place in the social networking applications, and Viber app is not a left out thing in it. Thus chatting has evolved into a new level now with Viber Android App as it has come with unique features when compared with its rivals. Sharing information and moments can be done on the go with the Viber messenger app installed on your Android smart devices. Send and receive instant messages right from anywhere at zero cost using the Viber Android App. Just forget the distance and stay connected with all your family, friends, colleagues, at any time as Viber app works 24/7 with an internet connection. Viber app integrates with the Android operating system to give you the best of experience and performance when it comes to instant communication.

Chat with people through text messages or call them to share things over voice right from the Viber app. Thus, you can express your feeling as text or over video calls with others for free. Viber Android app works with an internet connection only, and thus you need not worry about the call and SMS cost for free. Enjoy communicating with anyone from anywhere at any time with the Viber app installed on your Android devices.

Viber Apk
Viber Apk

Viber app is a go-to free messenger with which you can let share unlimited text messages for free. Send messages to friends and family at zero cost with the Viber Messenger. Attach photos, videos, music files with the text message as Viber app lets you share multimedia contents. Add stickers and emojis to express yourself in a more lively way possible with Viber. You can chat with multiple people at the same time with up to 250 participants at the same time. With Viber’s live video chat and voice call, you can make free and high-quality phone calls. Even international phone calls can be done at no cost. So you can make free calls to anyone in the world with an internet connection. With Viber Out, you can make calls to non-Viber mobile or landline numbers to non-Viber users at low cost. Now adding friends is easy with Viber app as it can be done in a second through QR code scanning or via Viber number.

Specifications of Viber Apk for Android

The key specifications of Viber Apk Download are  here

Software Name: Viber
Software Author Name: Viber Media 
: Latest version
License: Freeware
Software Categories: Communication
Supporting Operating Systems
Languages: Multiple languages
File size:  33.21 MB

Viber – How it Works on Android?

Viber Messenger for Android is a multi-platform messaging application that lets you send and receive instant text messages for free. It is a Voice over IP (VoIP) application and is a freeware that integrated with the Android operating system to give you the best experience and performance when it comes to messaging and calling services. Viber for Android works in sync with your phone address book contacts and thus detects you those who are already using the Viber app and lets you communicate with them. So just select a contact and chat for free or simply, enter the Viber number or scan the QR code to add friends on the go easily. Share any number of messages or take advantages of other features just beyond free messaging with this instant messaging app. So you can even share photos, videos, music files, record audio messages with the download Viber for Android.

Viber Apk
Viber Apk

Send and receive colorful and expressive stickers with Viber app download as it has thousands of sticker collections.  You can communicate with a group of people like your friends, family, co-workers, and more at the same time with the Viber group chat feature. With Viber app, you will be able to chat and communicate not only via text messaging but also by VoIP calls. Enjoy making a best-quality video as well as audio calls using the 3G or Wifi connection with the Viber app installed on your Android device. Unlike other instant messaging apps, Viber Apk Download has the support of calling no-Viber users, and thus you can place calls to any mobile or landline number at low call rates with the Viber Out features. Now you can delete a text or voice message even after it has been sent using damage control feature of Viber. It is easy to hide chats on the chat screen from the prying eyes and access them later. Get instant notification and communication with business and brands directly.

Viber Apk for Android Mobile – Features

The following feature expresses the functions of Viber Apk in a better way in a shorter manner but in the much more efficient way. The users are advised to take a look at the Viber features before proceeding further.

Viber Apk
Viber Apk

Unlimited Messages: Send and receive instant text messages without any limits with the Viber app to anyone at any time from anywhere and stay connected irrespective of the distance.

High-Quality Calls: Enjoy talking to your loved ones with voice or video calls of high-quality for free with an uninterrupted internet connection with the Viber messenger app.

Share Media Contents: With Viber apk download, you will be able to attach pictures, videos, music, voice messages and other files like documents and more for free.

Express with Stickers: Bring your text message to life by sharing playful emoji icons and cool stickers as there are thousands to choose from Viber App Download for Android Free.

Instant Video Messages: Just tap and hold the instant video icon and capture the moment with the 30-second videos and you can release to send it to your Viber contacts.

Damage Control: It is easy to delete a text message or voice message when you find it unwanted or unrelated even after it was sent with the Viber app’s damage control feature.

Group Chat: With Viber messenger, it is easy to create and join the group with up to 250 people all at once to chat. Share your thoughts and views with your kind of favorite people. Put a ‘like’ to any user’s voice, or text message without needing to type.

Secured Communication: Viber Apk Download will automatically encrypt all your text messages, video as well as voice calls, photos, videos, and group chats as all of them are end-to-end encrypted.

Related Apps for Viber Apk for Android

The related apps for Viber Apk are given below & Download Viber app now

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Procedure to Download and Install Viber for Android

Since Viber is available on Google Play Store, you can install this app within a few minutes.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app.
  2. Search for Viber App on the search bar.
  3. From the search results, select the official Viber app.
  4. Click Install to start the installation process.
  5. Within a few minutes, the application will be installed on your Android device.
  6. Now click Open to launch the Viber App.

Viber Apk For Android – Screenshots

Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk
Viber Apk

Summary of Viber

Viber is an instant messenger application with which you will be able to send and receive text messages for free without any restriction on the number of texts. You can communicate with other Viber users through free calls with an internet connection. Chat over voice calls when text isn’t enough or opt for video calls when you wanted to chat face-to-face. Share photos and videos to express your thoughts as media files. Add stickers and emojis to convey things in a more lively way possible. Record your voice or chat with the people by instantly recording it live. Chat securely with the Viber app as all your Viber contacts, chats, history, calls, and messages are encrypted. Viber app has come with the complete redesign to give its users a new look and feel.

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