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Talking Tom for PC Windows & Mac: Talking Tom for PC is the most popular virtual pet app developed by Outfit7 that features the star of Talking Tom Cat. With the Talking Tom app, you have to adopt the cat named Talking Tom, and you must make him happy by feeding, petting, taking him to the bathroom, putting him to sleep, and play games with him. The goal of the Talking Tom Mac PC gameplay is to take care of an anthropomorphic kitten named  Tom. As a player of the app, you have to take care of the Talking Tom and see how well he grows. You have to help him grow into a super cool fully-grown virtual cat over time. It is the most popular app loved by millions of children as well as adults. You can talk to the Tom, and he will repeat what you say. You can talk anything and hear Tom repeats the same and it even if you laugh out loud at Tom’s funny voice, he will repeat it. Poke on Tom’s head until he sees stars and involves in playing different games to make him active and happy. You can dress Tom in different outfits and fur colours, or pick from loads of accessories to make him look however you want. Over the time of play, you will find out that he is a cat of many talents builds into one character.

Talking Tom for PC
Talking Tom for PC

Download Talking Tom PC as to pet Tom and make him purr with happiness. You have to unleash your creativity by customizing your very own Tom by choosing from thousands of combinations of furs, accessories, and outfits. With the Talking Tom PC app, you can decorate his home and furnish to make his home look cool. Aside from interacting with Tom, you can also poke, stroke and tickle him, and watch how he responds. You can enjoy lifelike emotions as Tom can be happy, bored, hungry, bored, and list the goes on. His emotions can be changed based on how you play with him. In this fun gameplay, you can also look for the treasure chests, and with that, you could turn up more coins. In Talking Tom PC, you have to help Tom grow through nine different stages, and there are 999 levels to go. You have to help them unlock new items and coins as you play through. Talking Tom includes an option to record videos of the cat in action, and you can share them with your friends via message or social network.

Talking Tom for PC Windows and Mac – Specifications

The key specifications of Talking Tom PC Download are here

Software Name: Talking Tom
Software Author Name: Outfit7
License: Freeware
Supporting Operating Systems
: Windows, Mac
Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit
Languages: Multiple languages
File size:  81 MB

Talking Tom – How it Works For PC Windows and Mac?

Talking Tom PC is a virtual pet gaming application that features an anthropomorphic kitten named Tom. As a player of this game, you have to take care of the Tom who is no different than any other cat. You can adopt him and customize him according to your wishes like furs, outfits, and accessories. Make his house look cool and beautiful as Talking Tom Mac app lets you choose the best types of furniture and more. You can interact with Tom as it will talk and repeat everything you say. Watch how the world’s most popular cat responds as when you poke, stroke, and tickle Tom. Let experience the best of entertainment now on your Windows or Mac desktop PC with Talking Tom download. Besides this, you can watch how he changes his emotions while you play with him as he can be happy, hungry, bored, sleepy, and much more. You can nurture your very own Tom by naming him, feed him with his favourite foods, tuck him into bed, play with him, watch him grow, and do more. For instance, he may eat food, drink milk, play the cymbals, fart, blow out candles, and more. Make him grow from a baby kitten to super cool fully-grown virtual with the Talking Tom PC.  You can record videos of the cat in action and share it with others via social networking apps.

Talking Tom for PC
Talking Tom for PC

Features of Talking Tom for PC Windows and Mac here

The following feature expresses the functions of Talking Tom for PC and Mac in a better way in a shorter manner but in a much more efficient way. As a user, you are now advised to take a look at all the salient features of Talking Tom once before proceeding further.

Talking Tom for PC
Talking Tom for PC

Unleash Your Creativity: With Talking Tom for PC, you have to take care of an anthropomorphic kitten named Tom by customizing it by choosing his fur, outfits, accessories, and decorate his house in the way you want.

Interact With Tom: Talk and let Tom repeats everything you say in his high-pitched cat voice that sounds funny. You can poke, stroke and tickle him and watch how Tom responds.

Lifelike Emotions: You can enjoy watching lifelike emotions of Tom as he has built numerous of feeling and thus he will feel happy, hungry, sleepy, bored, etc. Tom’s emotions will change based on how you play.

Progress To Get Rewards: In Talking Tom PC app, you can help Tom grow through 9 different stages and 999 levels. You can unlock new items and coins as you go and collect rewards for each of them.

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Download Talking Tom PC for Windows and Mac

Talking Tom PC is compatible with all sort of Windows and it is applicable for both 32-bit and 64-bit users.

Talking Tom for PC Windows

Click here to Download Talking Tom App for PC Windows from Microsoft Store.

Procedure to Download and Install Talking Tom on Mac

The easiest way to access Talking Tom on Mac PC is by using Android emulators like Bluestacks, Andyroid or Nox App Player.

Talking Tom for PC
Talking Tom for PC
  • First of all, download and install Bluestacks from its official website (
  • Launch the Bluestacks app and Sign-in with your Google credentials (Gmail ID & Password).
  • Open Google Play Store app and search for Talking Tom.
  • From the search results, select the official Talking Tom App.
  • Tap the Install button to download and install Talking Tom on your Windows and Mac PC.
  • After installation, select Open to launch the app.

Thus, by following the above steps, you can install Talking Tom on Mac and Windows PC.

Summary of Talking Tom

Talking Tom is the world’s most popular entertainment app that lets you adopt a virtual cat called Tom. As a player of this app, you have to make Tom grow into a fully grown cat from a kitten. In all the way you need to keep Tom happy to make him stay interactive. You can customize him including his outfits, fur, and more and even decorate his home to look good. Feed him with his favourite foods, play with him, tuck him into bed, and watch him grow into a cute boy. You can talk with Tom, and he will repeat whatever you sound in his very own high-pitched cat voice. He will do a variety of responses when you poke, stroke and tickle him and you can let enjoy all of them. Overall, Talking Tom suits both kids and adults as it let them enjoy playing with Tom.

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