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Shazam Apk for Android is an amazing music app that will name any track instantly within seconds. You can easily find the name of any songs with one tap within seconds. It is one of the most popularly used apps by more than 100 million users every month as to find the name of any songs. Shazam Apk Android is a music identifier app that let you know the title of any song that is being played nearby. It will work best whenever you are unable to find the name of the song that is played on different sources. If are listening to some new songs either on the radio or on the tv and anything more and doesn’t know the name of it, then Shazam app will help you out. It will identify the name of any tune within a fraction of seconds and you can listen to it on the go instantly. Once after it identifies the song, you can listen to it easily. Shazam for Android app is the best way to discover any new tracks. With the biggest database, you will be able to find any of the tracks from any parts of the world. It will not only bring you the music contents, but it will eventually identify the movies, ads, tv shows, etc and brings it to you. With one-tap, you can also access the video clips and listen to it or buy it online to watch it any time later.

With the Shazam app download, you can find the lyrics of any song and thus you can sing along from your Android device. It even brings you the related tracks or songs from different streaming services. Just like the music contents, you can listen to them or buy them.

Shazam Apk
Shazam Apk

The music app will give you the most popular way of discovering the songs and tracks as with the Shazam app. It will identify the music even if you aren’t connected to the internet. With the preview option, you can listen to the songs and buy them if you like. Besides this, you can even add your favourite tracks to the Spotify playlists with one-click. It offers you the chance to get connected with top artists from all over the world and follow them to see what they are Shazaming. Let your favourite artists in the Shazam app tell what you to listen and you can get connected with them. With a tap, you can follow even the new artists. You can check for the recommended tracks to quickly identify the new music. With the real-time chart of the Shazam app, you can stay in the loop at any time with ease. It is easy to find the new albums, singles, and videos from different artists you are following. By logging in, you can sync all your Shazams and access it quickly from any device without any hassle. You can find what your friends are Shazaming by connecting with your Facebook account. Besides this, you can share the music that you have identified via different social networks with ease.

Specifications of Shazam Apk for Android

The key specifications of Shazam Apk for Android are here

Software Name: Shazam 
Software Author Name: Shazam 
: 9.16.1-190122 
License: Freeware
Software Categories: Music & Audio
Supporting Operating Systems
: Android
Languages: Multiple languages
File size: 12.6 MB

Shazam Apk – How it Works on Android?

Shazam Apk Android is the best free app with which you can find the name of any songs. The interface of this music app is simple and you can use it on your Android device to identify any track. To access all of the features of the Shazam app, you have to create an account and log into it. Shazam app works with the built-in microphone of your Android device. Just hold your device near the audio source to let it listen to the brief sample of the audio that is being played. Now Shazam apk will store the catalogue of the audio fingerprint in its database. Finally, it will check for fingerprint from the database of more than 11 million songs and bring you the most relevant search title of the song.

Shazam Apk
Shazam Apk

Shazam covers almost all of the music contents and it will never let you miss any title by artists of any parts of the world. With one-tap, the music app will bring you the name of any songs. You can use the Shazam Apk to find the lyrics of any music and thus you can sing along with it without missing any word. With the My Tags option, you can find the previous music that you have searched for easily. Use the preview option of this tool to listen to any contents and buy it later. Apart from music, Shazam Android app will bring you videos of any music and thus you can let enjoy streaming them. Click on the Shazam’s real-chart to stay in the loop. It supports Shazaming in your favourite app or you can check out for the recommended tracks and find the new music.

Shazam Apk for Android Mobile – Features

The list of points given below will show you the features of Shazam Apk in a better and efficient way possible and in a short manner. As the user of the Shazam app, you can take a look at the salient features of Shazam Apk app once before proceeding further.

Shazam Apk
Shazam Apk

Identify Music: With the Shazam Android apk, it is easy to identify the name of any song easily and quickly. It will quickly find the name of any music at the moment you are listening to it from the radio, tv, and more other sources.

Discover Music: You can quickly discover the name of any music or track as with the help of Shazam app. It will listen to the music with the built-in microphone of your Android device and with one-tap you will be able to see the name of the song.

Biggest Database: The database of the Shazam app is the biggest and it will analyze the acoustics with the 11 million songs present in it. It will compare the short sample of music recorded by the Android device and brings the title of the track.

Lyrics & Videos: Get the song lyrics and sing along to your favourite songs when it is being played by using the Shazam apk. Find the recommended tracks and get connected with the new music. It supports bringing the video of any music and thus you can stream it with ease.

Real-Time Chart: Shazam Android apk has included the real-time chart support and you can stay in the loop for an unlimited time. You can preview any song before buying it and add them to the playlist of other apps. Use the My Tag option to find the history of songs you have searched for.

Follow Artists: You can identify and follow your favourite artists from any parts of the world and stay connected with what they are Shazaming about. Stay up-to-date and listen to new tracks, albums, and videos of your favourite artists you are following.

Share & Connect: By sync the Facebook with Shazam apk, you can see what your friends are Shazaming about. You can even share your discoveries with others using social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and more.

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Procedure to Download and Install Shazam for Android

Since Shazam is available on Google Play Store, you can install this app within a few minutes.

  • Launch the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Search for Shazam on the search bar.
  • From the search results, select the official Shazam app.
  • Click Install to start the installation process.
  • Within a few minutes, the Shazam Apk will be installed on your Android device.
  • Now click on the Shazam icon to launch the app.

Shazam Apk for Android – Screenshots

Shazam Apk
Shazam Apk
Shazam Apk
Shazam Apk
Shazam Apk
Shazam Apk

Summary of Shazam

Shazam is the most famous and unique music app that will instantly bring you the name of any music track. It will name any song in seconds and you can find it within seconds. Shazam app will identify the music and movies based on the sample that is recorded by the microphone of your device. When you just hold your Android device near the music, Shazam Android app will take care of the remaining. It will identify the music tracks from its biggest database and bring you the name of the song instantly. It will check for more than 11 millions of songs and notifies the track artist, song title, album details to the user. Besides this, Shazam will show bring you the video content any songs and you can even listen to the related tracks. You can follow your favourite artists to find what they are listening. Shazam app supports finding new artists as well as the new albums, songs, etc. Overall. Shazam app works the best-in-class to bring you the name of any songs.

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