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SHAREit Apk for Android is the fastest file transferring software tool with which files from one device can be transferred to another. SHAREit app by Lenovo is the best file sharing application that has brought a new trend in case of file sharing. With SHAREit Apk installed on your Android device, you can move files and data irrespective of the size of the file. Before the invention of apps, people were highly dependent on the wired means of data sharing like using the external cables. However, USB transferring is not the safest file sharing method as the files will get infected with the virus or get corrupted. Later Bluetooth, a wireless medium for file transferring is used which took a high time in transmitting even the small type of files. Sooner, applications have been developed with which file sharing apps got emerged, and SHAREit is one of the best file sharing platforms. SHAREit Apk app works at the faster than faster rate wirelessly to transfer the files and data.

SHAREit has overcome all the disadvantages of wired as well as Bluetooth means of sharing files. With SHAREit app download, anyone can use all the advanced features of file sharing. Instantly transmit files from one device to another on the go as with the SHAREit Android app. All your files and data retains its original quality, and there is no loss in the quality of the file. SHAREit Apk app transfers and shares files at speed 200 times faster than that of the Bluetooth.


Download SHAREit Apk to transfer files of any type for free. You can send and receive the files of different formats including photos, videos, music, movies, apps, contacts, documents, PDF files and more with the SHAREit Android Apk. Accessing SHAREit app needs no internet connection as it is free to use file sharing app. Download SHAREit for Android to let enjoy sharing files in an unlimited number at zero cost with ease as you are not restricted to the number of files. So download SHAREit App that works with no cables, internet or Bluetooth connection. Simply, it works at the rate of 20 M/s while transferring files and data. SHAREit even supports transferring multiple files to multiple users at the same time at the same speed. Ensure that the device you wish to transfer files have the SHAREit app installed.

Specifications of SHAREit Apk for Android

The key specifications of SHAREit for Android are  here

Software Name: SHAREit
Software Author Name: Lenovo
: Latest version
License: Freeware
Supporting Operating Systems: Android
Languages: Multiple languages
File size: 27.98 MB

SHAREit– How it Works on Android?

SHAREit for Android is the best file sharing app with the fastest cross-platform transferring speed. The simple to use interface of the SHAREit Apk lets file transferring an easy-to-do-task. Navigating between the different sections of SHAREit Android app is very simple, and with a tap of the send button, all the file you wish to transfer will reach the end-receiver on the go. It is a multi-platform file sharing application that transfers files at the fastest rate. Thus, SHAREit app is a multi-platform application that transfers files between different operating system without any complications. Just click on the send button to send files and receive button to accept the files from one another SHAREit app users. So SHAREit transfers files only to other SHAREit app installed devices easily.


Besides sharing, SHAREit Apk for Android lets you play music and video files from within the SHAREit app as it has an inbuilt powerful media player. The player will help you manage and enjoy all the videos and music that you have received via the SHAREit app. As SHAREit app is working via the direct WiFi connection, i.e., its own WiFi or hotspot connection, it doesn’t use your internet or WiFi data while transmitting files. Choose the avatar that is displayed on the SHAREit home screen to establish a connection and share files instantly on the go. You can use the QR code to scan and share files on the go with no external functions. Backing up all the Android device data into a desktop PC is all the way simple as with the SHAREit app installed on your desktop PC as well.

SHAREit Apk for Android Mobile – Features

The following feature expresses the functions of SHAREit Apk in a better way in a shorter manner but in the much more efficient way. The users are advised to take a look at them before proceeding further.


Transfer Files Faster: Share and transfer files or data at the faster rate ever wirelessly with the SHAREit Apk download on your Android smartphones or tablets.

Share Anything & Everything: With SHAREit App Download for Android Mobile, you will be able to move any types of files irrespective of the size and formats as SHAREit Apk supports all of them.

No Cable & Bluetooth Needed: Transfer files and data without needing any external USB cables or Bluetooth connectivity as SHAREit Apk App works wirelessly and a stunning speed that goes up to 20 M/s.

Works without Internet: SHAREit Android App will work without the internet/WiFi/mobile data connection as it is based on a direct WiFi connection to transfer files and data.

Supports Multiple Files: With SHAREit Download Apk, you will be able to send and receive multiple files at the same time to different SHAREit users simultaneously and at the fastest speed.

Phone Replicate Option: Transfer or backup all your contacts, SMS, apps, documents, and other files from your old phone to a new one easily as with the SHAREit Phone Replicate option.

Remotely Control: SHAREit Latest Version provides the option to remotely control the desktop PC from your Android smartphone with SHAREit app to view the photos, music, videos, PPT files quickly.

Elegant Music Player: Download SHAREit App to let enjoy all the music, video, movies file which you have received from within the built-in music player on the go.

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Procedure to Download and Install SHAREit for Android

Since SHAREit is available on Google Play Store, you can install this app within a few minutes.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app.
  2. Search for SHAREit App on the search bar.
  3. From the search results, select the official SHAREit app.
  4. Click Install to start the installation process.
  5. Within a few minutes, the application will be installed on your Android device.
  6. Now click Open to launch the SHAREit App.

SHAREit Apk For Android – Screenshots


Summary of SHAREit

SHAREit for Android is one of the best and popular file sharing tool with which transferring even files of larger size has been made simple. Almost all of the advanced file sharing features are made available in the SHAREit app thus providing its users with the options to easily transfer files. As the SHAREit app is available for the Android platform officially, downloading and working with the SHAREit app needs no further knowledge. The file gets transferred within seconds between devices, and thus with SHAREit Apk, you don’t want to wait for hours to finish sharing of files. With SHAREit Android App, you can simply move files across different devices of different OS as it is a cross-platform supported application. Amongst all other file sharing tools, SHAREit is worth to consider and try.

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