Psiphon for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac Free Download

Psiphon for PC Windows & Mac: Psiphon for PC is a super useful tool developed by Psiphon Inc. that lets you access the internet to the fullest possible extent. Psiphon PC app is a powerful VPN tunnelling solution with which you can use the internet without any limits. The Psiphon for Windows PC app is a free and open-source Internet censorship circumvention tool that lets you go beyond the internet limitations. Psiphon uses a combination of secure communication that uses obfuscation technologies like VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy. Psiphon app provides you with uncensored access to internet content. While browsing the internet, you will be notified that the site cannot be accessed due to the network provider or website admin restricts it. Most often those websites will be blocked in some countries. But with the Psiphon app, you will not be restricted by any such things, and thus you can access all of them. Browse any websites even if it is blocked or restricted and censored by your country, company, or campus with the Psiphon Mac PC app. Although, Psiphon is designed primarily for the Android platform it has gained so much of popularity and thus has been introduced for the desktop platforms too. With Psiphon app, you are free to use any websites without any limitations and restrictions.

Psiphon PC app is a special type of software that helps you make sure that the internet is truly used to the fullest possibilities. It acts as a virtual private network that lets you browse any of the blocked or restricted websites without any limitations right from your desktop PC. Psiphon app will create a secure private connection between the internet and its user.

Psiphon for PC
Psiphon for PC

Psiphon PC app is a centrally managed, geographically diverse network that holds thousands of proxy servers. It uses a performance-oriented and single hop architecture to establish a secure connection and lets its users access all the blocked sites. Psiphon app provides you with uncensored access to internet content. It will learn about new access points automatically and maximize your chances of bypassing the censorship. Psiphon is the best tool that is designed to provide its user with open access to online content. With the Psiphon app, you can turn your computer into a proxy server that will connect its users and grants access to them. The user can access the torrent website or visit the country blocked websites and more much more conveniently. Psiphon app uniquely suits those who get the content you want, whenever and wherever you want it. With the Psiphon app, you are given a safe path to the internet irrespective of the network you are using to connect.

Psiphon for PC Windows and Mac – Specifications

The key specifications of Psiphon PC Download are here

  • Software Name: Psiphon
  • Software Author NamePsiphon Inc.
  • Version: Latest version  115
  • License: Freeware
  • Software Categories: Tools
  • Supporting Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
  • Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • File size:  4.7 MB

Psiphon – How it Works For PC Windows and Mac?

Psiphon is an excellent free and open-source internet bypassing tool that lets you access any blocked websites with ease. It is a type of virtual private network tool that will create a secure private connection between the user of Psiphon and the internet. Psiphon app uses a combination of secure communication and obfuscation technologies VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy technology to provide you with the uncensored access to online internet contents. It will learn about the new access points and thereby maximizes the chance to bypass the censorship. Just download Psiphon app to bypass the firewall, location, as well as, the network restricted websites to get unlimited access right from the desktop platform without any delay. Thus, the Psiphon for Mac PC app provides you with open access to online content without any restrictions.

Psiphon for PC
Psiphon for PC

Psiphon has an easy-to-use and lightweight internet proxy that can be designed to be installed and operated by individual computer users. It works great for those who wanted to host private connections for their friends and family living in the countries where the internet or particular website is censored. With the Psiphon app, everyone will get unlimited and unrestricted internet access. It is because the server of the app is massive and thus is helping millions of people to securely access all the websites irrespective of the place they were in. Besides this, it is vital to note that the Psiphon app doesn’t increase your online privacy and cannot be considered or used as an online security tool.

Features of Psiphon for PC Windows and Mac here

The following feature expresses the functions of Psiphon for PC and Mac in a better way in a shorter manner but in a much more efficient way. As a user, you are now advised to take a look at all the salient features of Psiphon once before proceeding further.

Psiphon for PC
Psiphon for PC

Bypass Restricted Sites: With the Psiphon PC app, you can easily bypass all the network restricted, country-specific websites with one click and access them from anywhere.

Uncensored Access: Psiphon for PC download utilizes VPN, SSH, HTTP Proxy technology in a way to provide you with uncensored access to the internet contents at zero cost.

Access from Anywhere: Even those websites that have been censored by your country, corporation, or campus can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere with the help of Psiphon app.

Use Public WiFi: For those who wanted to surf securely using public WiFi can opt for the Psiphon Mac PC app as it gives you with a safe path to the internet irrespective of the network you are connected.

Trust, Speed & Simplicity: Psiphon is the choice of many when it comes to accessing network restricted websites as it works in helping millions of freedom-restricted countries users to enjoy the internet to the fullest possible extent.

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Procedure to Download and Install Psiphon PC Windows and Mac

The easiest way to access Psiphon on Windows/Mac PC is by using Android emulators like Bluestacks, Andyroid or Nox App Player.

  • First of all, download and install Bluestacks from its official website (
  • Launch the Bluestacks app and Sign-in with your Google credentials.
  • On the other hand, download the latest version of Psiphon Apk file from the trusted third party websites like Apkmirror or Apkpure.
  • Navigate to the page where you have downloaded the installer file.
  • Right-click the file and open the file with Bluestacks app.
  • Within a few minutes, the Psiphon app will be installed on your Bluestacks.
  • After installation, you can launch the Psiphon app from the home screen of Bluestacks.

Summary of Psiphon

Psiphon is a free, open-source Internet censorship circumvention tool that is used to bypass the network restricted website contents easily. It is a combination of secure communication and VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy or obfuscation technologies that work in a way to let you go where ever you want. Psiphon thus provides you with the uncensored access to the internet content by learning about the new access points to maximize the chances of bypassing the censorship. So with one click, you can safely and securely access any network restricted or country-specific websites without any hassle from anywhere in the world. Psiphon app will establish a secure encrypted connection between the server and client and thereby your access will not be intercepted at any time. Psiphon server and the client a secure, encrypted connection is established which cannot be intercepted. Overall, Psiphon is the better option for those who want unrestricted internet access and those citizens of countries who have information controls and limitations.

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