iFile for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac Free Download

iFile for PC Windows & Mac: iFile for PC is an excellent free file manager tool developed by Flicker Light to manage your files. With the iFile PC app, you can seamlessly manage files and folders from your desktop PC. It is an incredibly useful file manager application that lets you access the file system on your Windows or Mac desktop PC. iFile Mac PC app is a minimalist file manager tool that is free, simple, and easy to use. With the iFile PC app, you will not only get access to the files, but you can also manage and customize them easily. It gives you a faster way of navigating your files, and thus it allows you to view multiple files types. So you can easily and quickly use different kinds of files including photos, movies, music, PDF files, html, text, and much more. iFile PC app is designed in such a way to make you work without any configuration. You can download files from the web using the built-in powerful web browser. iFiles app PC gives you an option to work with several tabs simultaneously, and thus you will be able to search for different things in one single window.

iFile for PC
iFile for PC

With iFile PC Mac app, you can manage your files in several different ways like moving, copying, pasting, and renaming. It shows the file in the directory as a list or grid form. Creating file and folder is so much simple and easy as the iFile app will do that in seconds. With one tap, you can filter the files and folders as a text, image, audio, video, archives, and more for more refined access. With iFile PC app, you can edit files that include configuration files from both the property lists and text files. Instal .deb packages on the go as with the download and installation of the iFile app. Aside, it lets you perform more other functions like packing and unpacking the compressed files, importing the media to your music library, and more. The iFile desktop PC app is user-friendly, and it has an intuitive user interface that will please the eye of those who uses it. Get the support for root access like accessing system directories and files using superuser permissions as with the latest version of the iFile PC download.

iFile – How it Works For PC Windows and Mac?

iFile PC app is a powerful file manager application tool for the desktop platform with which you can effectively manage them. It is free and simple to use file manager and folder manager application with powerful features. Without needing to do any configuration, iFiles app functions on the desktop PC in a much more simplified way. You will be getting a faster way of managing your files as with this file manager application tool. The iFile app is built on very clean code, and thus you will find that this application is nicer and faster. Many options can be done with the help of iFile app from standard to advanced options. So with iFile for PC, you can easily manage the file system from installing .deb files, renaming, unzipping, browsing, moving, deleting, and modifying files. Besides this, with iFile PC download, you can manage many things of your file system on your own as you prefer. You can access the system directories and files by using superuser permissions with this file manager application. The main feature of the iFile app includes creating files and folders easily, filtering files, sorting, searching for the files in the background mode.

iFile for PC
iFile for PC

Features of iFile for PC Windows and Mac here

The following feature expresses the functions of iFile for PC and Mac in a better way in a shorter manner but in a much more efficient way. As a user, you are now advised to take a look at all the salient features of iFile once before proceeding further.

iFile for PC
iFile for PC

Minimalist File Manager: iFile PC app is one of the minimalistic file manager application with which managing different kinds of files and folders is easy and simple.

No Configuration: You no more need to configure different options for the things you don’t constantly use. The iFile for Mac PC basically works with no configuration and complex steps when it comes to managing files and folders.

Root Access Support: With iFile PC download, you will get the support for the root access like accessing the system directories and files by using the superuser permissions.

Get Quick Access: Get quick access to the folder shortcuts with the iFile PC in a slide-out navigation drawer. With this file manager app, you can copy, cut, delete, rename, zip, extract, and details functions for the files and directories

Manage Files & Folders: iFiles app supports showing files in the directory as a list or grid. Create files and folders easily, search for them in background mode, filter file and folder as text, audio, video, image, archives, and more.

Customizing Feature: You can sort files by list or grid view, share files via Wifi in Lan, create a new folder and text file, sort file by time, name, size, type, and more with the iFile Mac PC download.

Extension Support: iFile app supports a wide range of file formats, and it includes pdf, txt, mp3, aiff, aif, m4a, m4r, wav, caf, aac, flac, zip, ipa, tiff, tif, bmp, bmpf, png, gif, jpg, and more.

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Is iFile Available for Windows and Mac

Currently, the iFile app is only available for iOS devices. So you cannot use this app on both Windows and Mac PC. Instead of this app, you can use i-FunBox, iMazing, iExplorer and more

Summary of iFile

iFile is an excellent file manager application with which you can manage files and folders seamlessly. It is one of the most useful apps of all time, and you can take full advantage of your system by managing the files in the way you want. The iFile app requires no configuration, and thus you can work on it without needing to know much about file management. With this file management application, you will get quick access to the folder shortcuts in a slide-out navigation drawer. Aside, you can cut, copy, rename, delete, extract, zip, file and directories. The iFile is the one single app to carry out all file reading and respective actions. Creating the files and folders is so simple when using the iFile app. In the same way, filtering the files and folders in different file formats is even more comfortable. You can sort files by list or grid, and the iFile app even supports sorting files in respect to time/name/size/type. Overall, the iFile app is worth noting application that works great for those who wanted to manage files without complex procedures.

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