Harvest Moon for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac Free Download

Harvest Moon for PC Windows & Mac: Harvest Moon for PC is an all-new farm simulation role-playing gaming application series developed by Natsume Inc. With the Harvest Moon PC app, you will get the original farming and life simulation gaming experience. The gameplay follows a young boy who is charged with maintaining his absent father’s farm. The main objective of the Harvest Moon PC app is to rebuild a run-down old farm and turn it into a successful one. As a player, you have to decide the time allocate for your daily tasks like farming, raising livestock, foraging, and fishing. You can quickly grow a variety of crops, flowers, and trees. See if you could discover new kinds of mutations with the Harvest Moon Mac PC download. You can raise livestock like cows, sheep, horse, and chickens.  The gameplay takes place in the overworld which is a humid subtropical region, and it changes upon the seasons and weather patterns changes. Each year in the Harvest Moon app will have four thirty-day seasons where each day lasts from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. You have to befriend the villagers in the town to unlock the game items. You might even get one by giving a villager with their favourite item or catching a giant fish, or by raising your first cow.

In the Harvest Moon PC app, the player will usually start with basic tools like the watering can, axe, sickle, hoe, seeds, and hammer. All of these tools will be upgraded when the player completes the side quests. At the beginning of the game, as the player, you can adopt a dog that requires no special care like other animals in the Harvest Moon PC app. The only contribution of the dog to this game is barking to warn the player when his farm’s fence requires fixing.

Harvest Moon for PC
Harvest Moon for PC

Download Harvest Moon PC app as it has always been about building a successful life. It means running a successful farm and on the other hand, building a meaningful life with friends and family. It is important to take care of the farm and the whole of the farm by the player. You must water the vegetables each day to make it grow well as the lack of water will prevent them from growing. Similarly, the farm animals must be fed once a day to keep them producing. When untreated, some animals like cows will face sickness and it can lead to death. Make use of the barn and henhouse as each of them are capable of holding up to twelve of the respective animals. As a player, you can marry a number of non-player-characters populating the towns of Harvest Moon PC. However, marriage requires the characters to be of the opposite gender and the non-player-character must have a high level of affection for those players. You will be given the opportunity to take part in side quests that provide benefits.

Harvest Moon for PC Windows and Mac – Specifications

The key specifications of Harvest Moon PC Download are here

  • Software Name: Harvest Moon
  • Software Author NameNatsume Inc.
  • Version: Latest version 1.6
  • License: Freeware
  • Software Categories: Games (Simulation)
  • Supporting Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
  • Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • File size:  23.0 MB

Harvest Moon – How it Works For PC Windows and Mac?

Harvest Moon PC app is a farm simulation gaming application in which you have to take the role to restore and maintain a farm that has come into disrepair. You can grow crops, raise animals, take part in the quests and do more. Initially, you need to decide how to raise the overworld with rich resources. There are three main areas in the overworld and it includes the player’s farm, the town, and the mountain. Harvest Moon will have four thirty-day seasons and the days lasts from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can farm vegetables during the spring and summer while at fall you can only grow mushrooms both normal and poisonous. During the winter, nothing will be grown and the herbs can be seen all year round in the forest cave. With the bad weather like rain will forces the villagers and people on the mountainside to go indoors, such that the player has to go inside to talk to them. As a player, you can marry a number of the non-player-characters who have a high level of affection for the player. The crops, eggs, and milk can be placed in collection boxes, from where a shipper collects them at 4 to 5 p.m. each day and pay for it the next day.

Harvest Moon for PC
Harvest Moon for PC

With the Harvest Moon for Mac, you can make use of the tools like a watering can, sickle, axe, hoe, seeds, and hammer where all of them get upgraded on completing the side quests. The player can adopt a dog that needs at least 100 times during the gameplay to receive the best ending. It requires no special care and it barks and warns the player that the farm’s fence requires the fixing. You can purchase cows from the livestock dealer in town which requires special care like continually talked to, brushed, and milked to retain their health. If it is not fed for a day, it becomes sick and, if untreated, then sickness can lead to death. Chickens require feeding and they may die if left outside as they can be blown away in the storm or eaten by wild dogs. Once after the working hours, the only business in town that you can access is the bar which includes a number of non-player characters who drink and talk.

Features of Harvest Moon for PC Windows and Mac here

The following feature expresses the functions of Harvest Moon for PC and Mac in a better way in a shorter manner but in a much more efficient way. As a user, you are now advised to take a look at all the salient features of Harvest Moon once before proceeding further.

Harvest Moon for PC
Harvest Moon for PC

Restore & Maintain Farm: Harvest Moon PC app is a farm simulation role-playing gameplay in which you have to restore and maintain a farm by allocating time for daily tasks like farming, raising livestock, fishing, and more.

Overworld: The overworld of the Harvest Moon download is a humid subtropical region in which the seasons change as weather patterns do. It consists of three main areas like the player’s farm, the town, and the mountain.

Seasons & Time: There are four thirty-day seasons in which each day lasts from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m when it becomes dark and the clock stops. You can farm vegetables during different seasons with the Harvest Moon for PC app.

Income Sources: Farm vegetables and place crops, eggs, and milk in the collection boxes for which the player is paid the next morning. You can even sell cows, chickens, and more for profit in the Harvest Moon gameplay.

Courtships: You can marry the non-player-characters and their affection is raised by the in-game courtship that is measured by either a heart or flower gauge. Upon expanding the all necessary requirements, players can propose to marry.

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Procedure to Download and Install Harvest Moon PC Windows and Mac

The easiest way to access Harvest Moon on Windows/Mac PC is by using Android emulators like Bluestacks, Andyroid or Nox App Player.

  • First of all, download and install Bluestacks from its official website (www.bluestacks.com).
  • Launch the Bluestacks app and Sign-in with your Google credentials (Gmail ID & Password).
  • Open Google Play Store app and search for Harvest Moon.
  • From the search results, select the official Harvest Moon App developed by Natsume Inc.
  • Tap the Install button to download and install Harvest Moon on your Windows and Mac PC.
  • After installation, select Open to launch the app.

Summary of Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is an excellent farm simulation role-playing gameplay in which you need to take the role of the player to raise and rebuild a run-down old farm. Grown vegetables according to the season, raise farm animals like cows, hens, horses, and more. The fully developed cows and chickens can be sold for the profit in the Harvest Moon game. Make use of tools like an axe, hoe, sickle, hammer, and more. Each day lasts from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m and after dark, the only business in town is to access the bar with the non-player characters. The player can marry many non-player-characters who have a high level of affection for the player. Sell the crops, eggs, milk, or gather herbs and wild fruit in the forest for small pound. Take part in side quests and special events like Festivals, Disasters, and Marriageable Girl side-quests. Overall, Harvest Moon app is worth the time and play as it is upgraded in every other series.

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