Google Play Services Apk for Android Free Download

Google Play Services Apk for Android: This brings an up to date assistance for wear APK, fit APK, Maps APK and locations APK. Also, this Apk also helps brand new Google products such tango, wearables, and different new upcoming services for Android devices inclusive of watches, Chromecast, Android vehicle, and telephones. You can download Google Play services Apk for Android 10.2.98 from the Google Play save. Google Play Service is used to update programs from Play shop, sync your emails, contacts, and other important Apk files. It’s an essential part of any Android device.

Google Play Services Apk for Android

Google Play services are used to replace Google Apks. This component presents core functionality like validation on your Google ads, matched contacts, get entry to all of the today’s user privacy settings, and higher excellent, decrease-powered region based services. Google Play assistances additionally complements your Apk experience. It quickens offline searches, affords extra immersive maps, and improves gaming reports. The google play service is essential for the normal operation of Google Apks. If you stop the play service of your Android some of the Android Apks may not work properly.

Google Play Services Apk for Android
Google Play Services Apk for Android

Google Play services are used to update Google Apk and other Apks from Google Play store. This Pay store offers main functionality like authentication on your Google aids, synchronized contacts, and get admission to all the modern-day user privacy settings, and better first-rate, lower-powered location based totally services. Google Play services also complement your Apk revel in. It accelerates offline searches, provides extra immersive maps, and improves gaming reviews. Apks may not work in case you uninstall Google Play services.

Specifications of Google Play Services Apk for Android

The key specifications of Google Play Services for Android are  here

Software Name: Google Play Services
Software Author Name: Google Inc.
: Latest version 11.7.44
License: Freeware
Supporting Operating Systems: Android
Languages: Multiple languages
File size: 30.03MB

How to use Google Play services Apk for Android

Google Play Services Apk complements the over-all relish of the use of your device. It lets you search for things offline, affords you with more immersive maps, and improves the gaming experience by using optimizing RAM.  Different menu options within Google Play services Apk let you manipulate all you’re Apks (not always the ones you’ve got installed), establish region settings and even control your Google healthy account. Google Play services is a vital Apk for any tool with an Android working device. Without it, many different Apks may want to start having issues.

Google Play Services Apk for Android
Google Play Services Apk for Android

The Apk is now an important part of the Android practice and springs automatically installed on new phones with Google’s operating device (OS). In case you’re running an older cell phone, you may download it from the Playshop.  It lets the user update their google related services for third-party applications. It can update Android settings without going for an OS replace. Google Play services App will run behind the scenes, enhancing your Apk enjoy with such things as quicker searches, higher maps integration, and improved pockets aid. In case you disable the carrier you can no longer be able to update your Apks.

Google Play Services Apk for Android
Google Play Services Apk for Android

When you have an Android smartphone, then you’ll need to take advantage of the capability in this Apk to ensure you get the nice revel in from your tool. Observe the stairs below carefully to put in the Google Play services for Android APK file the usage of a document supervisor in Android telephones. Google Play services is an Android Apk that makes sure the relaxation of your Apks is updated. It does this by way of regularly checking that all installed Apks have the present day available versions. With Google Play services App, you can authenticate Google Play Service, Synchronize your contacts, get right on entry to the brand new user privacy settings, and use better first-class vicinity-based services that use less power.

Features of Google Play Services Apk for Android

The following section lets you understand the Google Play Services Apk in the better way if you do not understand the Google Play Service.

Google Play Services Apk for Android
Google Play Services Apk for Android
  • Checks for periodical updates of the installed Apk file in your Android Device.
  • Helps in auto synchronization of contacts present in your backups.
  • Assist in altering the internal setting of the mobile device.
Google Play Services Apk for Android
Google Play Services Apk for Android
  • Aids in a way to select the application view of your Android mobile.
  • Updating the Android settings without affecting the installed OS functions.
Google Play Services Apk for Android
Google Play Services Apk for Android
  • Improves the performances of your Android Device.
  • Increases the Battery life performances.

Related Apps for Google Play Services Apk for Android

The related apps of Google Play Services Apk are given below & Download Google Play Service app now

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  • Google Maps for PC is the finest online map – a first-rate app to locate any location in the world, obtain instructions to move from one vicinity

Previous Versions of Google Play Service Apk for Android

The Previous versions of Google Play Service Apk for Android are listed below

  • Google Play Services Free11.7.44 (032-173432861) 30.03MB
  • Google Play Services Free11.5.09 (034-164803921) 29.43MB
  • Google Play Services Free11.5.03 (030-163238526-AAA) 33.43MB
  • Google Play Services Free11.4.63 (038-163013910) 29.86MB
  • Google Play Services Free11.3.02 (036-161239932) 29.41MB
  • Google Play Services Free11.0.56 (038-156935310) 32.94MB
  • Google Play Services Free11.0.55 (030-156917137) 37.13MB
  • Google Play Services Free11.0.47 (038-156238122) 32.94MB
  • Google Play Services Free10.5.42 (240-149175906) 44.7MB
  • Google Play Services Free10.5.42 (036-149175906) 33.53MB
  • Google Play Services Free10.2.99 (430-148249840) 39.35MB
  • Google Play Services Free10.2.98 (430-146496160) 39.35MB
  • Google Play Services Free10.2.97 (036-146062190) 31.46MB
  • Google Play Services Free10.2.91 (036-144333517) 31.46MB
  • Google Play Services Free10.2.91 (030-144333517) 36.01MB
  • Google Play Services Free10.0.84 (030-137749526) 46.99MB
  • Google Play Services Free10.0.83 (034-137107757) 42.18MB

Procedure to download and install Google Play Service Apk for Android

By default, all the Android devices will come with pre-installed Google Play Service app. If not, you can download the latest version of Google Play Service Apk from Google Play Store within a few minutes.

  • Launch the Google Play Store app.
  • Search for Google Play Service on the search bar.
  • From the search results, select the official Google Play Service App developed by Google LLC.
  • Click Install to start the installation process.
  • Within a few minutes, the application will be installed on your Android device.
  • Now click Open to launch the Google Play Service App.

Google Play Services Summary

The google play service is one of the essential Apk that everyone should have on their mobile. The earlier version of Android mobiles doesn’t have this facility. It’s now the time to download the google play service for your mobile. If you find any difficulty in downloading and installing the Google Play Services on your mobile, kindly lets us know to solve the difficulties. Keep visiting this site for getting all the updates information and software’s related to Google Play Services. Don’t forget to share about this Apk with your friends and others through the Wide spreads social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, Hike messenger services and so on.

Thanks for visiting Gapps Apk. For queries, please comment below.

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