Google Play Books Apk for Android Free Download

Google Play Books Apk: Google Play Books is a top-magnificence e-book reader Apk that combines a slick person interface with lots of beneficial functions that make the reading habit a joyful one. Google Play Books for Android is an Apk that lets the users study their favourite books at every time and everywhere, without delay from the display screen of our Android mobile. Google Play Books Apk has a collection of thousands and thousands of books for Android users, amongst which we will locate a number of the closing releases, the prevailing time great-dealers, works of recent authors, much less recognized books and even all the free ones.

Google Play Books Apk for Android

Google Play Books Apk places at its customer’s disposal an interface thanks to which they may be able to read without the difficulty of the books, getting access to the pages wherein they stopped studying final time and synchronizing their mobile phones. Google Play Books for Android is a complete Apk for book lovers will not only have access to many unfastened books, but they may also be capable of acquiring the first-rate books to revel in them without delay on the screen of their Android mobile.

Currently, there are over 4 million books on Google Play. As compared to the Kindle shop, where there are no more than 2.5 million titles, it appears to be a lot, however, don’t get too excited.

Google Play Books Apk offers great deals on eBook publications than Amazon. The four million books in Google’s eBook sale are primarily coming from Google’s venture devoted to scanning print books. In a Google Books Apk containing scanned and stored over 30 million print publications. Manifestly, a number of them had been pulled to Google Play Books. Those guides entered the public domain. That means they offer in a digital layout free of charge. The good component is that by default Google displays new titles. Books from Google experiment challenge will appear while you scroll down. Typically, if there is no book cover, however only a title page, such an eBook is best available as scanned pdf.

Google Play Books Apk for Android
Google Play Books Apk for Android

In this post, I’ve defined the way to discover free books on Google Play. In trendy, try and use search field extensively. For any seek performed, irrespective of how specific it’s far, you’ll have the option to filter books to show handiest cost-effective ones.

Specifications of Google Play Books Apk for Android

The key specifications of Google Play Books for Android are  here

Software Name: Google Play Books
Software Author Name: Google Inc.
: Latest version 3.15.5
License: Freeware
Software Categories: Books & Reference
Supporting Operating Systems
: Android
: Multiple languages
File size: 10.89MB

How Google Play Books Apk works inside Android?

A Google Playbooks Apk for Android quest can be completed through Google Play Apk, supporting customers to find out the top and best-selling eBooks available for purchase, in addition to lots of open Google books for download. Customers can download Google books to numerous mobile devices and have their eBooks synced across devices, so customers can start reading a book on their phone and preserve from in which they left off on their Android Mobile.

The Google Play Books cell Apk has some satisfactory functions, just like the built-in dictionary and the syncing functionality, however for the most element Google Play Books does little to set it other than competing e-book reader Apks like Kindle by giving superior studying experience. The Google Play Books App is nicely organized, even though it lacks a few functions of other e-analyzing Apks, which include the ability to kind your books into collections, social connections, and get admission to any magazines you’ve got purchased.

Google Play Books Apk for Android
Google Play Books Apk for Android

At the facet menu, there may be a ‘study Now’ phase, which presentations the books you’ve got recently been analyzing, in addition to recommended reads. The ‘My Library’ segment combines separate menus for the books you have bought, ones you have got uploaded (in PDF or EPUB layout), any samples you’ve got downloaded to attempt earlier than you buy, and a menu that presentations all of those alternatives. These can be sorted by identifying, creator and recent. One beneficial characteristic Google has included a textual content translation, to assisting everybody analyzing an e-book that isn’t always of their native language. All you do is spotlight the phrase or sentence after which click on at the odd image with an A in it then selected your language.

When you are studying an eBook, you could view the bookmarks in a pop-up box, also, to get more information about places and definitions of words. Different functions consist of adding observations to an eBook, as well as the same old bookmarking tool and textual content highlight option. You can also without problems see an outline of all of your bookmarks and notes within the menu.

Google Play Books Apk for Android
Google Play Books Apk for Android

While you click on in your ebook to start studying, you may find a range of really beneficial functions that enhance analyzing revel in and adds something which you cannot discover when you read an actual ebook. First off, while you faucet the middle of an eBook, it zooms out so you can effortlessly flick thru pages through the use of the slider. It is a speedy manner to transport through the e-book.

The Google Play Books Apk has been lots advanced in latest years and, while it can’t rival Amazon’s Kindle shop in phrases of offers and special offers, it gives very aggressive costs on many books. So it is worth shopping around within the identical way you’ll in any high street store. The store is a whole lot extra visible, Appealing and organized than the one incorporated into the Kindle shop. It is ideal for mobile surfing. You may also very easily pay together with your Google Play details or with PayPal. However, it’s now not integrated into the Apk so you ought to move out of doors to the books section of the Google Play have to buy anything.

Google Play Books Apk for Android
Google Play Books Apk for Android

With the enhancements Google has been making to this e-studying Apk in addition to the associated eBook store, Google Play Books Apk has become a strength to be reckoned with. If Google delivered the capacity to make purchases within the Apk, covered extra offers and unique offers on books, and introduced the capacity to organize your books into customized lists or collections, then it’d be a top desire for studying e-books.

Make digital analyzing even simpler with Google Play Books Apk, featuring smart guidelines customized only for you, get admission to millions of satisfactory dealers, comics, and textbooks, and loads of customizable functions.

Highlighting Features of Google Play Books Apk for Android

The following feature will take you to a better understanding of the Google Play Book Apks for Android. Visitors are informed to take a look into this for getting a clear idea of App benefits.

Google Play Books Apk for Android
Google Play Books Apk for Android
  • Categorized availability of eBooks under different journals.
  • It has a vast collection of eBooks for Android mobile compared with other Book Apk.
  • Provision to look into the preview of the book at free of cost.
Google Play Books Apk for Android
Google Play Books Apk for Android
  • Compatible with other Mobile platforms also.
  • A simple and easy finding of our required books through the Apks.
Google Play Books Apk for Android
Google Play Books Apk for Android
  • Auto-updates of newly released books.
  • Capability to store the eBook in our area at free of cost.
Google Play Books Apk for Android
Google Play Books Apk for Android
  • Customize your analyzing experience via deciding on your chosen font, text length, or page colour.
  • Make past due night time studying less complicated in your eyes with night mild.
  • Download Google Play Books For Android

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Previous Versions of Google Play Books Apk for Android

The Previous versions of Google Play Books Apk for Android are listed below

  • Google Play Books FreeV3.15.5 10.89MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.15.1 10.88MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.14.17 10.86MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.14.15 10.86MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.14.13 10.86MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.14.9 10.86MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.12.15 10.59MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.12.13 10.59MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.11.19 11.25MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.10.29 10.05MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.10.25 10.05MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.9.499.84MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.8.4510.14MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.8.4110.12MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.8.1510MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.7.7511.19MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.7.4710.99MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.7.4510.99MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.7.2310.67MB
  • Google Play Books FreeV3.6.99.98MB

How to Download and install Google Play Books Apk for Android

Since Google Play Books Apk is available on Google Play Store, you can install this app within a few minutes.

  • Launch the Google Play Store app.
  • Search for Google Play Books app on the search bar.
  • From the search results, select the official Google Play Books app developed by Google LLC.
  • Click Install to start the installation process.
  • Within a few minutes, the application will be installed on your Android device.
  • Now click Open to launch the Google Play Books App.

Google Play Books Summary

Google Play Books Apk for Android has a huge collection of books across various categories for Android mobile users. Google Play Books Apk is specially designed and available for Android users to satisfy their book-reading habits. I have given almost all the information related to Google Play Books for Android. Stay visiting our website continually for getting the updates related to the Apk file and its features. Keep on sharing this website information through social media and other networked resources. Google Play Books Apk download. If you face any difficulties related to Apk download and install let me know to provide an apt solution. Thank you all meet you for updated information on the google Apks for Android.

Thanks for visiting For queries, please comment below.

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