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Google Photos for PC Windows & Mac: Google Photos is a comprehensive App developed by Google for keeping our routine photos to be placed in an organized manner. Everyone loves to take photographs to capture the rejoice moment and to keep it in a safe manner to relook again as a token of the memories. But we took so many pictures of the day to day life in various places and for various reasons. But we have not practised the habit of keeping it in an organized manner to access the same in the near future like what the studios are doing it nowadays.

Google Photos for PC

To help people particularly take so many photos and to reduce the work of keeping it, safe Google has introduced a new app called Google Photos for Windows 8.1. A specially planned App in a way for Windows and MAC PC/Laptop users to capture photos without any deviations. The other reasons behind the development of this app were to keep the captured photos in PC/Laptops, at times we might erase it wrongly, or Due to the space requirements, we are forced to delete some of the photos without intention. We are in need of a memory space that will keep our sweetest memories with it. To help with this problem Google Photos for Mac has been designed to keep your photographs and movies to be inevitably backed up and ready, so you can see and share them in a faster manner – and never run out of space on your Devices.

Google Photos for PC Windows 7 is not stopped its service for you by just saving the photographs also it allocates a special memory space in your account and allows the user to retrieve their files whenever they need it free of cost. It uses a special method for keeping track of your photographs as well as gives the options to modify the pictures and add some effects also allowing us to share with our folks through social networks. It keeps all the photos and special ones in the folders that are allocated for that. So the user never loses not even single photographs of their own and their best ones too.

Google Photos for PC
Google Photos for PC

Google pics intended to be your one-stop shop for all your photos related tasks. Earlier to start using Google Photos for PC Windows 8 App on your Windows and MAC PC/Laptop collect the benefits that it offers to the users. If you would like to know the basic functions of this app that comprise things like choosing your taken photo and adjusting the picture quality, evidence the same to Google pics Assistants, and determining on which folders to be chosen to synchronize with Google images. Google photos for Windows 10 have been permitted to replace its images permitting you to tag our photos on your own.

While you log in online or release the pix Apk, you could quickly be requested to perceive yourself so that the Google images algorithms can locate your face in different images. The latter of those technologies is that, while a person you apprehend uploads an image with you in it, they will now be notified that they can see and take that picture (or a set of pictures) with you.

Specifications of Google Photos for PC Windows and Mac

The key specifications of Google Photos PC Download are here.

Software Name: Google Photos
Software Author Name: Google Inc.
: Latest version
License: Freeware
Software Categories: Photography
Supporting Operating Systems
: Windows, Mac
Os type
: 32 Bit, 64 Bit
Languages: Multiple languages
File size: 2.5 MB

Google Photos for PC Windows and Mac – How it Works?

Google Photos for PC Windows 8 is a versatile app that lets the user keep and locate their photos they have their Desktop/Laptop. This App was officially launched by Google during the month of May 2015 by their social community app called Google+. It offers a wide range of facilities to the users like they can store the pictures in megapixels and HD videos of any space. It continuously investigates the photos, finding the possibilities to enhance it, allows the user to find the particular photographs by arranging them in the categories like human, sites, and animals, etc.,

Google Photos for PC
Google Photos for PC

Google outfits a form of device reading into the images service, especially its popularity of photograph contents, similarly to allowing competencies which could routinely produce folders, animate similar images into quick films, floor beyond memories at big instances, and enhance the pleasant view of photos and videos. In May 2017, Google brought numerous updates to Google Photos for Windows XP, which encompass reminders and concepts of sharing the pictures, shared image libraries among users, and physical albums, with pix instinctively suggesting collections based on face, location, adventure, or other dissimilarities.

Google Photos for PC
Google Photos for PC

The app users get excited about the offers are given by the Google Photos for Windows 7 app for their device. Google photos have reached one hundred million patrons within five months, 200 million users reach within a year, and soon it reaches 500 million as on May 2017, with Google Photos delivers app holds over 1.2 billion pictures are uploads to the store every day, with the total of all uploaded content material quantifying more than 13.7 petabytes of storage.

Exciting Features of Google Photos for PC Windows and Mac

The best features of Google Photos for PC is given below for your kind viewing.  The users may get the benefit out of the given features for the better utilization of the app on their device.

  • Simple and easy finding all your photos and videos.
  • The only app that fulfils all your photos as well as videos taken with your PC/Laptop.
Google Photos for PC
Google Photos for Windows PC
  • This app saves lots of space on your device.
  • Structured file keeping lets it allow in a comforting manner.
  • Keeps all your photos and videos securely.
Google Photos for PC
Google Photos for Windows PC
  • Involuntary file hold-ups allow us to reminisce our file when needed.
  • Face identification helps the others to spot as in a group of people in a meticulous way.
  • Remembers the user to share and modify the file for improved views.
Google Photos for PC
Google Photos for Mac PC
  • Continuous monitoring and regular updates keep our work less.
  • Availing of unlimited storage space for all the users using this app.
  • It works amazingly than we think off.
Google Photos for Mac
Google Photos for Mac
  • Provision to chrome cast your pictures and videos.

Related Apps for Google Photo For PC Windows and Mac

The related apps for Google Photo for Mac are given below & Download Google Photo Service app now.

Previous Versions of Google Photos for PC Windows and Mac

The Previous versions of Google Photos for PC Windows and Mac are listed below.

  • Google Photos Free2.0.0.13302974429.6MB
  • Google Photos Free1.27.0.13195971325.58MB
  • Google Photos Free1.26.0.13071310924.66MB
  • Google Photos Free1.26.0.13030105727.62MB
  • Google Photos Free1.24.0.12798263922.38MB
  • Google Photos Free1.22.0.12416864520.16MB
  • Google Photos Free1.20.0.12190711516.64MB
  • Google Photos Free1.18.0.11967137420.12MB
  • Google Photos Free1.18.0.11933221522.48MB
  • Google Photos Free1.18.0.11933221520.12MB
  • Google Photos Free1.17.0.11825864319.91MB
  • Google Photos Free1.16.0.11749421019.67MB
  • Google Photos Free1.15.0.11605457219.35MB
  • Google Photos Free1.13.0.11388520221.6MB
  • Google Photos Free1.11.0.11049610921.25MB
  • Google Photos Free1.10.0.10935567520.51MB

How to download and install Google Photos for PC Windows and Mac

The easiest way to access Google Photos on PC Windows/Mac is by using Android emulators like Bluestacks, Andyroid or Nox App Player.

  • First of all, download and install Bluestacks from its official website ( on your PC.
  • Launch the Bluestacks app and Sign-in with your Google credentials (Gmail ID & Password).
  • Open Google Play Store app from its Homepage and search for Google Photos.
  • From the search results, select the official Google Photos App.
  • Tap the Install button to download and install Google Photos Apk on your Windows and Mac PC via Bluestacks.
  • After installation, just click on the Google Photos icon to launch the app.
Google Photos for Mac
Google Photos for Mac / Windows PC
Google Photos for Mac / Windows PC
Google Photos for Mac / Windows PC
Google Photos for Mac / Windows PC
Google Photos for Mac / Windows PC
Google Photos for PC Windows / Mac
Google Photos for PC Windows / Mac

Google Photos Summary

I have given the information about Google Photos for PC Windows and Mac as much as I know. Hope this post will be informative and useful to some extent for the people who are searching for the solution to keep their pictures safely. Also, this app will provide you more than what you have expected with this kind of apps. Stay in touch for getting the updates of software in addition to the features included with this app. Share all your difficulties to get access and use this app on your devices. Don’t forget to share about this app with your folks and others through the modern social networks, let them also be benefited by using this app.

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