Google Earth Apk For Android Free Download

The Google Earth for Android allows you to zoom in certain areas if you want. You can also get the alternate with the Streetview system and can view the amazing 360-degree pictures taken at street level. Being connected with ‘Google Maps‘ infrastructure, you can superimpose all types of visualisation layers, including roads and points of interest into the 3D view. This is the best tool for virtual tourism.

Google Earth Apk
Google Earth Apk

The Google Earth is one of the biggest landmarks of Google, by providing a high quality, which benefits people around the world. It provides you with the way to see the world that you would never have imagined and that you can enjoy simply within the palm of your hand. The app provides you with an impressive interface in which you can explore the world with an unimaginable precision with the great detail and The added tools allow you to discover even remote places all around the planet. It is like a 3D interactive atlas in your pocket. You can see almost every corner of the world. You can see the world’s wonder in a single tap.

Specifications of Google Earth Apk for Android

The key specifications of Google Earth for Android are  here

Software Name: Google Earth
Software Author Name: Google Inc.
: Latest version 0.7.1
License: Freeware
Supporting Operating Systems
: Android
Languages: Multiple languages
File size: 5.11MB

Google Earth – How it Works On Android?

Google Earth for Android can work efficiently on almost all android devices. Once the installation is completed, it is very easy to operate the application. Unlike the standard applications, The Google Earth delivers a 3D representation of the earth, based on the satellite imagery. The images will be taken from the satellite in a low orbit when it is going from one pole to another. It is different from the geostationary satellites, which is at 20,000 miles away and also it is above the equator. The camera is unique, and the resolution is tremendous, which even enables you to see a car. You can also be allowed to zoom out and see the entire area and can even zoom in to see the details accurately.

Google Earth Apk
Google Earth Apk

The app interface allows you to navigate through your touchscreen Android devices; It is easy to navigate through the stylus which is supported by Note series android phablets.The app also provides you with a series of other tools in which you can view the night sky. You can pan through the maps easily with your mobile. It’s like you are viewing the earth from up high.It gives you far better view than birds. You can markup your favourite places you like. You can even look at the earth in the angle you want.

Download Google Earth Apk here

Google Earth Apk for Android Mobile – Features

The following feature expresses the functions of Google Earth Apkin a better way in a shorter manner but much more efficiently. The users are advised to take a look into that before proceeding further.

Google Earth Apk
Google Earth Apk

3D Imagery: The Google Earth provides you with the high-quality 3D imagery of our Earth, which is great to see. You may not find any difference between the virtual representation and the satellite imagery. You can see whatever the place you want in the world.

Street View: The map provides you with the Streeview system in which you can view the fantastic 360-degree pictures taken at the street level. You can visualise whatever the place or street you want. You can view the road levels, which allows you to find the direction or route easily.

Pan & Zoom: The app interface allows you to Pan the map to an end. Its nearly you can rotate the globe virtually. You can even zoom the area you want in no time. The zooming may up close to the street level. You can also zoom out by simply pinching the screen.

Accurate Distances: The app provides you with the map, in which you can calculate the exact distances between the source and destination.

High Resolution: The app delivers you with the images with a tremendous resolution, which are captured by a unique satellite camera when it goes from one pole to another. The images are incredibly high in resolution, so you can zoom into the end and can see the fine details of the earth.

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Procedure to Download and Install Google Earth for PC for Android

Since Google Earth is available on Google Play Store, you can install this app within a few minutes.

  • Launch the Google Play Store app.
  • Search for Google Earth App on the search bar.
  • From the search results, select the official Google Earth app.
  • Click Install to start the installation process.
  • Within a few minutes, the application will be installed on your Android device.
  • Now click Open to launch the Google Earth App and search for any location you need.

Google Earth Apk For Android – Screenshots

Google Earth Apk
Google Earth Apk
Google Earth Apk
Google Earth Apk
Google Earth Apk
Google Earth Apk

Summary of Google Earth

The Google Earth for Android is designed in addition to the standard Google maps. In this fast track world, everything is made possible with the handheld device called mobile phones. You can bring the entire globe virtually in the palm of your hand. You can view whatever the place you want just in seconds. The app provides you with every possible need of the user. The app is designed considering the convenient of the user so you can easily operate the application and enjoy the three-dimensional view of your street or world. With this app, you can easily navigate through and find the correct route by identifying the real-time objects in the application, and you don’t have to rely on anyone for getting the route direction.

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