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Connect2+ Lenovo | Connect2 for PC: Lenovo Connect2 is one of the excellent file sharing applications for your devices, the Connect2 application designed by Lenovo. Connect2 Lenovo is used here for connecting your PC as well as your Mobile devices simultaneously. Then the Lenovo Connect2 App allows you to connect all your devices wirelessly to your PC without the help of any network. Lenovo Connect2 for PC allows you to copy all sort of files and documents like photos, videos, documents easily between two devices. Connect 2 has more special features for connecting all your devices automatically, and by using th features, you can able to connect all the devices immediately.

The Connect2 application only used for sharing your files and documents, with that it is the one and only application can able to send files faster than other file-sharing applications between your PC and Mobile. The interface of the Connect2 Lenovo developed with all the latest and fastest file sharing technologies, with that it is the best file sharing application in the market, and then the app has another special and exciting feature is SYNCit. The SYNCit feature of the Lenovo Connect 2 application that allows you to synchronize all your devices immediately with other devices just without using the internet or cables.

Connect2 Lenovo
Lenovo Connect2 for PC

The Connect2 application can able to share or transfer huge files once at a time easily and rapidly without any issues. Then the Lenovo Connect2 for PC allows you to share files through WiFi if you want to do the process the WiFi has to get enabled on both the devices. Here the Connect2 Lenovo has the ability to work on both platform Android and Windows. The main concept of the application is paring; where you can easily pair your device with PC through QR code, with that, the app will connect both the devices automatically.

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Features of Lenovo Connect2 for PC

The Lenovo Connect2 application offers you several advanced features to make file sharing, and they are listed below

Transfer Files: The Connect2 Lenovo application that let you transfer all sort of files from your Mobile to PC and vice versa. Moreover, by the use of this application, you can share all files and documents without the help of external devices like USB cable, internet connection, and Bluetooth connectivity.

No Restriction: Connect2 for PC does not have any restriction on file type and file size, where you can transfer files without issues. The latest version of the app can support for all file size and formats in unlimited numbers.

Transfering Files Faster: The Connect2 app is working as a best and fastest application for sharing your files when you compare the app with other file sharing app it is the excellent and fastest app for all your devices.

Paring: Connect2 Lenovo App allows you to pair your device with your PC, where you can pair your devices by just scanning the QR code. If once you connect or Pair your device, it will get connected automatically in future.

Features of Connect2
Features of Connect2 Lenovo

Types of Files: Connect2 Lenovo App lets you transfer documents, files. Then you can able to share all sort of photos, videos, music, movies, documents and much more. Where you can able to transfer all sort of files as soon as possible.

Storing Files: The app will share all your files in fastest connectivity range, and it will happen in a single tap, where the app will automatically choose the destination of the folder, and all the transferred files will be stored separately on your device or in your PC.

Secured: The advanced version of the app was designed with robust technology, then the app will keep your account secured and authenticated. The app can able to cover all your unauthorized access and the data gets transferred from the application will be much secured.

Easy Backup: The Lenovo Connect2 application has the ability to backup and sync all your data directly from your mobile devices to your PC, which mainly used for free up your space.

Other Platforms: Connect2 is available for all types of platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Tizen, etc.,

Download Connect2 Lenovo

Watch the space below for Lenovo Connect2 Specifications

Developer: Lenovo
Release Date: October 19, 2010
Category: File Sharing
Supported Operating Systems: Multi-Platform
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

The Connect2 App is one of the excellent Lenovo product, which is used here to share files and documents quite faster and easier. Now you can download Connect2 app on your devices and experience all the features of the application.

How to Install Connect2

Just follow the procedures given below to download Connect2 on your device.

  • Connect2 app is not available officially, so you can download it from any third party websites like apkpure.
  • Just go to and search for Connect2.
  • Now click on the download button to get Connect2 app on your device
  • The Connect2 Lenovo installer file will get downloaded to your respective device without any hassle.
  • Click on the installer file to open it and with this Connect2 app will start its installation process.
  • You can now register your account with Connect2 app and start using it to transfer files.

Connect2 is available for

As Connect2 Lenovo is the multiplatform application, you can able to experience the fastest file sharing features. Moreover, the application perfectly fits all sort of devices. The Lenovo Connect 2 app is also available for the following devices.

How to Use Lenovo Connect2

You should download and install Connect2 Lenovo application on your device from any third-party website. With the Connect2 Lenovo app, you will let experience the same similar feature as like the Android app. These are the procedures for using the Connect2 application on your device.

How to Use Connect2
How to Use Connect2 App
  • Click on the Connect2 app that you have installed on your device to open it.
  • You have to log in with user ID and Password and complete another registration process to use the app.
  • Now you can enter into the Lenovo Connect2 application by using the registered ID.
  • Then enter into the application, where you have to check all the settings of the app and configure the account according to your wish.
  • Here you can able to make messages to all your friends and family who were using Connect2 application. Where you can experience the fastest file sharing features from the app.
How to Use Connect2
How to Use Connect2 App

Why Lenovo Connect2

The Lenovo Connect 2 is an excellent and long line file sharing application between devices, and the application can able to work on both Android and Windows Operating System. Get Connect2 App for Windows. The app interface that allows you to share all your documents and the app will cover all sort of files like audio and video at high speed. The latest version of the application has advanced GUI(Graphical User Interface), with that, it has a Bug fixing feature which designed a perfect component for the top slot of file sharing. The Connect2 Lenovo app is not like other similar apps like an arena, Xenex, and Zapya. Lenovo is an amazing and famous company of manufacturing hardware and another electronic device like  Lap, Mobile, and PC. Now they launched SHAREit and Lenovo Connect2 for sharing your files seamlessly.

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Why Connect2
Why Connect2 Lenovo

Best Alternatives to Connect2 App

Connect2 Lenovo App is the excellent File Sharing application for your devices. Here you can able to share all sort of files, with that you can able to transfer media files as well without any hassle. The app has many alternatives in the market; here we have some of the alternatives for the Connect2 application.

Shareit: Shareit is an excellent file sharing application for your device, where you can able to share all sort of file from one device to another without issues.

Xender: Xender is the wonderful file sharing application, which is the best replacement for Lenovo Connect2 App. The Xender app is the perfect app for transferring files.

Zapya: Zapya is the excellent replacement for the Connect2 App. Zapya is one of the perfect and secured applications for transferring files, with that it will not miss any files.

CShare: CShare is the best alternative application for Connect2 Lenovo App, where you can transfer all files and folders without any hassle on time.

Top 5 Reviews of Connect2

“I feel that Connect2 Lenovo is an express file sharing application, I can able to transfer all my files from Mobile to PC as soon as possible without using any cables” – Brito

“I transferred all my data safely to my PC just by using the Lenovo Connect2 for PC app, now all my documents were safe on my PC, and my mobile has enough space.” – Daniel

“Here I can able to feel the swiftness of the application, I can transfer files unlimitedly to my PC without any issues” –  Antony

“The latest version of the Lenovo Connect2 app has advanced GUI; I was really admired by seeing the GUI of the application” – Albert

“The interface of the Connect 2 Lenovo is elegant; I can navigate easily through the application and access all the features of the application” – Tony