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Connect2 for Mac: Connect2 is an excellent and interesting file sharing application for your Mac PC, where you can able to transfer all sort of files and folders instantly from your device to PC and vice-versa. In today’s world, we have more efficient, smart and fastest way to transfer and data between your mobile and computer for that you will use some specialized apps, and that depends on wireless technology. Connect2 Application is an efficient file sharing application for your Mac PC, and the application designed by Lenovo, then the app will offer you some quick and hassle-free ways for transferring your data from your computer to your hand device. Then if you want to use the provided advanced technology on both computer and mobile, for that you have to install the app on both the devices. If you want to share files by using Connect2 Mac app first, you have to pair both the devices, where the paring process of the application is the quite simple procedure.

To get a pair with your devices, you have to scan the QR Code if once the pairing process between the devices has done you no need to do this process again in future because it will get connected automatically. Then if all the connection of the app has done the app will greet you with the main window of the application. Connect2 for Mac designed with two modes of file transferring and those modes are called as self-explanatory data transfer modes namely, Shift to phone and Get from Phone. The Shift to phone mode of the app that let you copy rapidly the contents and data from your PC to your Mobile. Then the Get from Phone mode is used here to take the files and folders from the mobile to PC, with that the Connect2 for Mac provides freedom to transfer pictures, music, videos, and files directly from your phone to PC and vice versa.

Connect2 for Mac
Connect2 for Mac

The Connect2 for Mac app is developed similar to SHAREit, but both have a small difference. Apparently, the app does not have the ability to transfer some sort of files like apps, contacts, messages, emails and some other less familiar data. Here it is one of the freshest long lines for the file sharing application which can able to work exactly on Mac PC and iOS devices. Then from this Connect2 App, you can able to share all sort of files and data, which will cover all the audio and video files in ultra-speed. Then the Connect2 for Mac has been designed with all the latest technology like advanced GUI and Bug fixing, which is working as the top slot of file sharing.

Features of Conncet2 for Mac

The Connect2 features are similar to Mac features offers several advanced File Sharing features, and they are listed below

File Transfer: The Connect2 application is used here for transferring files from your mobile to PC without using any external supports such as USB cable, internet connection, Bluetooth connectivity and more.

Restriction Free: The app that allows you to transfer all sort of files and data it does not have any restriction on file size and file type, where you can able to transfer files without issues. Moreover, the app can able to support all size and format in unlimited numbers.

Fastest App: Connect2 for Mac is an excellent and rapid file sharing application, with that it is one of the best file sharing application while comparing with other file-sharing apps.

Paring: If you want to share files by using the app first you have to pair both the devices, where the paring process of the application is the quite simple procedure. To get a pair of your devices, you have to scan the QR Code.

Features of Conncet2
Features of Conncet2

File Types: The Connect2 Mac app that allows you to transmit all sort of files and data they are photos, videos, music, movies, documents and much more, then the app allows you to transfer file types between the files.

Storing Data: Connect2 for Mac will transfer files or data in its fastest connectivity range just in a single click. Moreover, the app will select the destination folder, and the data that transferred from the app will get stored separately.

Secured: The application has its advanced technology, with that the feature is used here to make your account stronger and powerful. Then the app will protect you from all the unauthorized access and then the data that transfer from the app will be more secured.

Other Platforms: Connect2 is available for all types of platforms like Android, Blackberry, Windows, Tizen, etc.,

Specifications of Connect2 Mac

Watch the space below for Connect2 Mac Specifications

Developer: Lenovo
Release Date: November 29, 2010
Category: File Sharing
Supported Operating Systems: Mac OS
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

How to download Connect2 on Mac using Bluestacks

To get Connect2 of your Mac PC, you have to download Bluestacks on your Mac from Once after downloading and installing Bluestacks on your Mac PC, you can follow the procedure given below to download Connect2 Mac PC using Bluestacks.

Here first, you can able to download Connect2 for Mac with the help of Bluestack for all sort of Mac Versions.

Step 1: Open the web browser on your Mac PC, type in the address bar as Connect2 apk and click on the search bar.

Step 2: You can then open any trusted third-party website to click on the download button to get Connect2 apk file.

Step 3: Now, you have to open the Bluestacks app player once after its downloading and installation process on your Mac PC.

Step 4: To access BlueStacks on your Mac PC, you have to enter your Google Account credentials like Gmail id and password.

Connect2 for Mac using Bluestacks
Connect2 for Mac using Bluestacks

Step 5: With this, you will be taken to the home screen of Bluestacks app player.

Step 6: Just drag and drop the Connect2 app that you have previously downloaded on the Mac PC.

Step 7: Now the BlueStacks player will install Connect2 app automatically on your Mac PC.

Connect2 for Mac using Bluestacks
Connect2 for Mac using Bluestacks

Step 8: Wait for few seconds and Connect2 will get installed on your Mac PC. Now, you can easily transfer all sort of files and data on your Mac PC.

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Connect2 is also available for

As Connect2 is the multiplatform application you can able to send text between all sort of devices such as PC to PC, PC to Mobile, PC to Mac, PC to iPad and all other iOS devices. Moreover, the application perfectly suites for all devices. The Connect2 app is also available for the following devices.

How to use Connect2 on Mac

The Connect2 application will get download and installed on your Mac PC, with the help of Android emulator. In Connect2 for Mac app mostly, all the functions of the are similar to the Android app. These are the step by step procedures to use the Connect2 application on your Mac PC.

Step 1: Click on the logo of Connect2 app that you have installed on your PC from My Apps section to open it.

How to use Connect2 on Mac
How to use Connect2 on Mac

Step 2: You should provide your e-mail address and fill other details for completing the registration procedures.

How to use Connect2 on Mac
How to use Connect2 on Mac

Step 3: Now you have to provide your your UserID and password that is provided by the Connect2 app to access its feature.

How to use Connect2 on Mac
How to use Connect2 on Mac

Step 4: With this, you have created an account with Connect2 app. Choose the files that you wanted to share with other devices.

Step 5: The connection can be established upon scanning the QR code shown on your PC. With this you can transfer files from your PC to hand device.

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Alternatives to Connect2

Connect2 is an amazing file sharing application for your Mac PC. Where you can able to share all sort of files like videos, photos, documents and more without any trouble. Then the interface of the application is quite elegant and easy to navigate, the language is not the biggest barrier for this app. The Connect2 app has many alternatives in the market; here we have some of the alternatives for Connect2.

Shareit: Shareit is the excellent alternative application for the Connect2 Mac app. Shareit is now working as the worlds fast and best file sharing application between your devices.

Xender: Xender is a wonderful file transferring application, with that it is the best replacement to the Connect2 for Mac app. The Xender app is one of the perfect for transferring files.

Zapya: Zapya is one of a replacement app for the Connect2 Mac. Zapya is the secured application for transferring files, with that it will not miss any files.

CShare: CShare is also the amazing alternative application for your Mac PC, here you can transfer all files and folders without any issues on time.

Connect2 Mac Review

Connect2 is one of the straightforward application, where it is used here for connection your Mac PC with your Mobile device for transferring files. The application that let you transfer all files and contents without any hassle. Moreover, the Connect2 for Mac is considered as a convenient and interesting piece of software that is used here for shifting the files from one device to another.

Rating: 3.5/5

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